It's always so devastating to hear when someone has hit a rough patch and must give up a pet. While I'm not usually one to condone surrendering animals, there's always an exception to that rule. Sometimes, life just happens and although you NEVER intended to have to rehome your precious animal, that's what the circumstances call for at the moment.

That seems to be the case in Dorothy, Atlantic County. A Facebook post has surfaced on the page of Shore Animal Control alerting the public to an adoption opportunity that has come up for two precious potbelly pigs.

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Apparently, their current owner is not able to take care of them anymore. They're unaltered potbellies and have been together for life. Therefore, the pigs must not go to separate homes. Rather, they're looking for one family to take in both pigs since they're so bonded to each other.

If I didn't live in a condo, believe me, I'd be the FIRST to volunteer as tribute. I've wanted a pet pig my entire life. Mark my words, I will have one at some point in time. That won't be until the time is right, however. I would never put an animal in an environment they're not suited for.

Since I live in about 900 square feet, that means I'm out.

If you've got more square footage (and land) than me, maybe you're the perfect person! Would you consider giving these beautiful boys their new forever home?

Check out the post from Shore Animal Control below:

Hopefully, they find a family for these two before the holidays!

Source: Facebook

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