It's no secret that New Jersey is one of the most expensive states in all of America to call home. It's been that way for years.

If it's not the cost of homes that scare you, the property taxes will. Not to mention, it's just expensive to exist here in the Garden State on a daily basis. For New Jersey residents, it feels like everything is pricey here. To those on the outside looking in, they'd likely agree.

So, what does one do when the average income hasn't increased the same way the cost of living has? Well, unfortunately, you struggle, that's what.

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More and more New Jersey residents are sharing their struggle to find affordable living anywhere in the Garden State. Sure, there are certain regions of the state that are cheaper than others. All in all, it's expensive wherever you choose to settle in New Jersey.

The southern part of the state was once considered the cheapest place to live in NJ. Is that still the case? For many, they'd have to disagree. Sure, maybe it's cheaper than a lot of other towns up north, but it's still not necessarily cheap.

Here in New Jersey, there is no law currently that prevents landlords from raising the rent to what they want to charge. Different towns have different laws, though. So, even though the state itself doesn't have anything stopping the landlords from raising the rent 5+%, there are certainly some municipalities within the state that do.

Plenty of people on social media claim that they can't afford rent on their own in NJ anymore. $2000 a month to rent a one-bedroom is a pretty steep ask. Sure, you might be able to find something less expensive if you're lucky. You'll just have to abandon a lot of your standards of living.

The bottom line is, If you're wondering why so many people are fleeing New Jersey in droves, there's your reason.

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