It seems like there are fewer and fewer free beaches within the Garden State with each passing summer.

While you've had to purchase a tag to enjoy the Brigantine beaches for quite some time now, one aspect of the rules regarding those tags still seems to be unclear. Is it necessary for beachgoers over the age of 65 to obtain a physical tag?

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That question was posted this week to a Brigantine-based Facebook group and it doesn't seem like anybody can come up with a straight answer. We all know that people sixty-five and older can enjoy Brigantine's beaches for free, but do they have to make the trip all the way down to the office to get themselves a tag to have on their person all summer long?

In the comments, some people are saying yes while others don't think that's necessary.

A lot of people are under the impression that seniors 65 and older may simply bring their drivers' licenses or identification cards with them to the beach and that should suffice. Others, however, say they still need to go to the Beach Tag office to obtain a physical tag.

Would this be a question that Brigantine's mayor can answer correctly? Some of the commenters think so. However, no response has yet been given from Mayor Vince Sera.

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Source: Facebook 

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