Last Friday evening I had the best vanilla ice cream shake in the world.

It wasn't my first "best shake", because I know where to go.

The place with the best vanilla shake - and the best ice cream - is Jersey Cow Ice Cream.

By the way, when you order your vanilla shake at Jersey Cow, make sure to do the up-charge for hard ice cream. It's homemade - right there at Jersey Cow - and it's delicious.

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Jersey Cow opening new location in Brigantine

According to the Facebook page, Real Brigantine,  Jersey Cow is putting the finishing touches on their Brigantine location. It's at the former Aunt B's Ice Cream, on Brigantine Avenue,  adjacent to Ernest and Son Meat Market.

According to Real Brigantine, the new location of Jersey Cow is set to open this weekend - the weekend of April 27th.

What makes Jersey Cow so good? It's homemade. While that tern is used a lot, Jersey Cow really does make all their ice cream at home - well, in the store. The Northfield location actually has a basement, where all the different flavors of ice cream is produced.

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Flavors galore await you at Jersey Cow

While Jersey Cow carries traditional ice cream flavors, it's the "different flavors" that intrigue me.

My favorite is Black Sesame. So good with a subtle nutty flavor. I guarantee you've never tasted something so good!

Other unique flavors include Honey Lavender, Salted Caramel, Blueberry Lavender and something called Ube. Ube is a purple Asian yam ice cream, and it tastes fantastic!

Our best of luck wishes to the Jersey Cow crew as they expand their tasty ice cream.

SOURCE: Real Brigantine on Facebook and Jersey Cow Ice Cream

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