How often do you find yourself broadening your horizons?

We all get into our own little groove, living life day in and day out not always seeking to expose ourselves to new people, places, and things. Unfortunately, that's true for most people across the country, not just here in South Jersey. However, it's important to point out that while we might not get it right in terms of celebrating all of the different cultures, ways of life, and people that live here in this region all of the time, New Jersey's one of the most diverse states in the entire country.

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That's not a statement based on personal opinion, either. A new study recently published findings that show that New Jersey is the top fourth state in the entire US for diversity and inclusion. That's a pretty awesome statistic that deserves to be celebrated. Let's be honest, Jersey doesn't usually get praised for much. The whole "armpit of the country" joke is getting pretty stale at this point.

The study was recently conducted that observed how New Jersey compares to the rest of the country in the areas of socio-economics, cultural, diversity, economics, household, religious and political diversity. Take a look how we measured up to the rest:

Diversity in New Jersey (1=Most Diverse, 25=Avg.):

  • 17th – Income Diversity
  • 5th – Educational-Attainment Diversity
  • 6th – Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • 3rd – Linguistic Diversity
  • 17th – Birthplace Diversity
  • 28th – Industry Diversity*
  • 14th – Generational Diversity
  • 6th – Household-Size Diversity
  • 19th – Religious Diversity

After taking into consideration all of NJ's scores from multiple different categories, our average score placed us in the top four most diverse states in the U.S. Hopefully, we build and grow with the notion of celebrating our differences which, no doubt, will ultimately make NJ a better place for all who choose to live here.

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