The numbers are showing "Do AC" isn't just a catchy slogan, but having some positive results on Atlantic City's bottom line.

Scene from new "Do AC" commercial for Fall season
Scene from new "Do AC" commercial for Fall season (YouTube)

Now, the Atlantic City Alliance is pushing its popular campaign into the traditionally slow fall and winter season in hopes of turning AC into a weekend holiday shopping destination.

The Atlantic City Alliance, the not for profit corporation created in 2011 responsible for coordinating the marketing and advertising of the city, launched the "Do AC' campaign in the spring of 2012 and has seen very encouraging results.

The findings show the Do AC campaign has motivated people to take action, with 39% percent reported to be motivated to visit and 33% motivated to learn more about Atlantic City.

Those numbers are giving the ACA more confidence as they launch a $6 million fall tourism campaign with whole new batch of broadcast, print, and online ads. Continuing to focus on the NYC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore markets- which are targeted for their proximity, a "Do Change" television ad will air on at least 1,300 times through December. Additionally 3,500 radio spots will air on 33 stations.

"We were particularly happy to see that New York was very very strong in fact had the strongest shift in perception. We were very pleased that Baltimore also showed a significantly shift. Philadelphia showed a fairly nominal shift and that made us realize that media and campaigns are going to be less important in the Philadelphia marketplace, " says Atlantic City Alliance president Liz Cartmell

Cartmell adds the message remains largely the same for the fall and winter season.

"We wanted to make sure that people understood that the fall is actually almost a better time to be in Atlantic City, you just need to change little bit of your clothes. "

With gaming revenues amongst AC's twelve casino's declining, the focus will continue to focus on the various non-gaming options available throughout the city. Cartmell believes that gaming has always shared the spotlight in Atlantic City in some degree, so their Do AC campaign is about bringing the non gaming options to the forefront. However gaming going down isn't necessarily something to be too concerned about.

"All the other destinations in the country continue to add competitive gaming anyone quite honestly who thinks that gaming should go up, by just osmosis isn't really looking at the competitive market place."

Governor Christie gave the group five years to create a turnaround for the City, which has been struggling-losing its share of the gambling market to places like Pennsylvania and New York, as well as contending with image problems due to crime and disrepair. The ACA is using thirty million a year from the casino industry towards the campaign.

The campaign, which focuses on the non gaming attractions AC offers, has been featured in a multitude of TV, radio, online, and print advertisements throughout the metropolitan areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore as well as parts of northern and central Jersey.

Research done by Greenberg Brand Strategy showed, a third of panelists categorized as "Fun Seekers", recognized the "Do AC" campaign. Response was positive, with likeability towards the campaign polling in the 80's and 90's- in contrast most travel campaigns are campaigned typically at 66% for likability according to the report.

The Atlantic City Alliance will be focusing on Holiday shopping with a promotion specifically targeted towards anyone with a list. They are doing a $400,000 advertising push specifically targeting consumers to come and do their shopping in AC. That will include online and print ads, as well as messages on over 4,000 NYC taxi caps. They are also putting signage in the Cherry Hill, Exton Square, and Willow Grove Park malls.

There will be six foot candy canes lining Atlantic Avenue as well as a 36 foot holiday erected at Maine Avenue. On Saturday 1st the CRDA will present an Holiday Parade down Atlantic Avenue.

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