There is a new furry addition at the Philadelphia Zoo!

Introducing baby Quý Báu...the Zoo's very first Francois' langur.

She was born back on December 13th of 2020 and fun fact, her name translates to "precious" in Vietnamese.

This baby monkey is of an endangered species who home resides in China or Vietnam...and now the Eastern part of the United States.

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According to the zoo's staff, both baby Quý and her mom are currently doing well.

Right after birth, however, Quý's mom actually did not attend to her which is not all that uncommon.

"So our vet staff took the baby to the animal hospital for a warming bath and some food," according to the Facebook post. "Since then, she and mom have bonded and the entire family is doing great!"

For the time being, you unfortunately won't be able to meet baby Quy in person because the Philadelphia Zoo is closed to the public because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

However, the zoo does offer online services which include a Penguin Point Camanimal adoption and at-home lesson plans.

I am sure that online access to Quý will be granted soon because everyone in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have lost their lids over the bird of this adorable baby monkey.

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