Hardship is, well...HARD. But what makes it just a little bit easier is the support of loved ones and the community that surrounds us! This coming month, we have an opportunity to make someone's hardship easier.

This Daily Dose of Good comes from Samantha Forney of Brigantine, in regards to Paul.

Credit: Samantha Forney via Facebook.com
Credit: Samantha Forney via Facebook.com

Paul is a loving father of four and grandfather of 5, who has been a local SJ resident for 35+ years, He was an employee of Coca-Cola in Marmora for 30 years servicing restaurants and casinos throughout South Jersey, from Philadelphia to Atlantic City.

Paul has been thrown some punches. His brother just recently passed away in April from cancer. Now, Paul continues to fight Stage 4 Cancer himself, as he has been for the last 2 1/2 years.

However, Paul is  surrounded by lots of love and support, especially from his girlfriend Nancy Atkinson Keller, who has held him up through this whole ordeal. And as much as he's been fighting--the medical expenses and increased medication costs have thrown some punches, causing a huge financial burden.


Credit: Samantha Forney via Facebook.com

In which case, the family is hosting a Beef & Beer Fundraiser at JD's Pub and Grille in Galloway Saturday, July 29th from 1pm-4pm.

Having this fundraiser will help continue Paul's fight, with a little less punches. In which case, any help at all is greatly appreciated.

It's not too early to get your tickets either! If you buy them in advance you save $5!

The family looks forwards to seeing everyone who is willing to help and attend for a good cause!

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