If you were a skeptic of psychic mediums, or need better answers...look no further.

Today on Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel we had Artie Hoffman stop in to do a reading on some of our listeners, and me! We did a small portion of the reading on-air, but what happens OFF the air is even more interesting... check it out.

Artie is a spiritual advisor/visionary/psychic/medium/healer and over all just a great person to let yourself be vulnerable with. And let me tell you, he is STRANGELY accurate. Even about the RING (I asked my Mom after the reading and she said it was supposed to be a surprise...way to go Artie). And that part about JASMINE....NO WAY, RIGHT?!

I was never skeptical of psychic readings, I'm definitely very open to the learning opportunity and experience! But either way, if you're looking to seek spiritual guidance or just to have some answers...reach out to Artie Hoffman with the info below!


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