While everyone is quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic, parents have been looking for things to keep their kids entertained. We are in this weird new normal and adjusting to it has been a process. To help out a bit, I've been going on Facebook for a LIVE reading session. Each day between 1:15 PM and 1:20 PM I head over to our Facebook page and read a story for kids. It's been a lot of fun.

While after the storytime the video remains on Facebook, I thought I would compile them all into one page to make it easier. Each day after the live storytime is over, I will come back to this page and update it. We post quite a bit during the day on Facebook, so the videos can get lost in the shuffle.

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  • 1

    Day One - “Eeyore’s Happy Tail”

  • 2

    Day Two - "Guardians of the Galaxy: Friends and Foes"

  • 3

    Day Three - "Peter Pan"

  • 4

    Day Four - "Inside Out: The Bing Bong Book"

  • 5

    Day Five: "Rio 2: Untamed Talent"

  • 6

    Day Six - "Rain, Rain, Come Again"

  • 7

    Day Seven: "The Lion King"

  • 8

    Day Eight: "Toy Story 4: Bonnie's First Day of School"

  • 9

    Day Nine: "Frozen II: Elsa's Epic Journey"

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