According to Instagram Influencer @megthings_ the best Espresso Martini in New Jersey is in Princeton, well, one of the best espresso martinis in New Jersey.

That's a big honor. There are a ton of bars and restaurants in the Garden State that make their own version, but, she chose these as her favorite spots to get one.

Kristine's in Princeton

This is really saying something because I would say some of the very best bars/restaurants in the state are in town.

Tempting, huh?  It certainly looks delicious.

Kristine's is located at 51 Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton.

618 Restaurant in Freehold

It's described on its website as the "Hidden Gem with a Sonoma Valley Feel" featuring unique handcrafted cocktails.

Located at 618 Park Avenue, the Espresso Martinis are so good and in such demand, that the popular restaurant made them into candles, so now you can have the scent at home. Great idea.


Lola's European Café in Asbury Park

Lola's took its Espresso Martini to the next level....a frozen Espresso Martini. You're going to love that in the summer heat.

Stop by to check out the salad boards, cheese boards, paninis, and more...oh and obviously, the cocktails.

Lola's is located at 539 Cookman Avenue. The restaurant looks warm and inviting. This is definitely on my dining bucket list.

Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse

Checking out Gabriella's Instagram is like straight up looking at food porn. Everything looks amazing...steaks, pasta, burgers, cocktails...there's also a Pistachio Martini you can try.

Gabriella's is located at 447 Route 35 in downtown Redbank (which is such a cute town).

Go on Thursday night...there's always a live dj.

Check out the others on the list below.


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