Another step towards normalcy.....THANK GOODNESS.

This announcement is not all that surprising being that it was also just recently announced that Indoor Dining and Indoor Entertainment Venues can reopen this Friday as well!

And where there is indoor entertainment, there is usually concessions of some type.

The only catch about this announcement is that you must order your drink from a server and the drink must be consumed in your seat.

Governor Phil Murphy is just trying to avoid people gathering near the casino bars trying to get their drinks.

Not to mention, businesses are also trying to avoid having people hang out AT the bars because it is just a recipe for disaster. Once a small gatherings starts, it will be impossible to stop.

One step at a time...but this one is a big one.

There is nothing like finding a little corner in the casino to play games in peace with a glass of wine.

For more information on this announcement, head to

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