Sean Peek, a 49-year-old Bridgeton Police Officer who lost his life in the line of duty over Labor Day Weekend, was laid to rest Friday.

Peek was on patrol when on Sunday, Sarah Davis, 29, hit an ambulance located at Bridgeton Fire Dept., then attempted to burglarize a trailer, according to She either jumped or fell into Cohanzik River where Officer Peek jumped in to rescue her. He reportedly struggled to get back out of the water, and hours later, after being discharged from a local hospital, he died.

Friends, family (including wife Megan and their 8-year-old daughter), and fellow local law enforcement said their final goodbyes to Sean during funeral services Friday.

In a statement, Bridgeton Police Chief Michael Gaimari said, "Sean was a fine officer and a friend to all and always acted in an exemplary fashion when representing the department and the City of Bridgeton."

Of her husband's bravery Megan Peek tells, "Even though she [Sarah Davis] was doing things she wasn't supposed to, he was worried that she was going to be in trouble. He would have done anything, and he did, to help her."

Davis has been charged with burglary and other offenses. An autopsy to determine the final cause of Officer Peek's death is still pending. No word yet on whether Davis could face additional criminal charges as a result of those findings.

Our thoughts are with Sean Peek's entire family and the Bridgeton community.

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