Police in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, are currently searching for answers regarding a body that was pulled from the Cohansey River over the weekend.

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Apparently, authorities have not as of yet been able to identify the body of man that was discovered in the Cohansey's waters by the Broad Street Bridge on Friday. Two jet skiers were living their best lives on the water to kick start their weekend when they noticed the body around 7:30 p.m. on Friday and reportedly cut their engines to get a closer look. A Bridgeton resident relaxing nearby spotted the jet skiers stop what they were doing, which caught his attention, too. The jet skiers informed the resident about what they saw, who then commented on the Bridgeton police's response to the call.

Police arrived pretty quickly and were able to remove the body from the water within ten minutes of arriving onto the scene with help from Bridgeton fire department. The clothing on the body included a t-shirt that read "Seniors 2017" on it, along with black pants and Air Force 1 Nikes. Since police are still waiting for the fingerprint analysis to determine identification, it's safe to assume that the body was retrieved from the Cohansey without any ID on its person.

After pulling it from the water, the body was taken for an autopsy to Shore Memorial Hospital. The family of the victim has yet to be notified since the authorities are waiting for identity confirmation.

Anyone with any information or if you think you recognize the description, you're encouraged to reach out to Detective Dan Bagley with the Bridgeton Police at 856-451-0033.

Source: TheDailyJournal.com

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