There's not much for a kid to do trapped in the confines of the COVID-19 quarantine.

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They can play video games, watch YouTube, go outside to play, and that's about it. No doubt, you're aware how bored children have been while waiting for the "okay" from powers-that-be to return some degree of normalcy. In Jersey, however, it looks as though we'll all be waiting quite a while for that green light.

9-year-old Carter Dooley of Brigantine wasn't going to let boredom take hold of him while spending his time social distancing from others. His mother told that when he first talked about surfing, she didn't take it seriously since his interest in other activities soon diminished as a result of his ADHD diagnosis. That's most kids though, wouldn't you say? They want to try out a sport or an instrument, but end up deciding it's not their "thing", so they move onto something else.

Apparently, surfing stuck for Carter. This week, he hit 150 days straight of surfing since he decided to pick up the sport back in the early days of the quarantine. His mom said that there were some days she didn't think he would make it out to the water, but despite the weather or whatever might have set him back, he kept with it.

If you're a parent, you know how careful you were not to expose your kids at the beginning of the pandemic. If you think about it, surfing is, sort of, the perfect sport for kids to try in the midst of quarantine since there's really no man-to-man contact of any kind. Carter's been able to keep active and improving his skills with family friends, local businesses, and even a pro surfer supporting him.

Read more about Carter's surfing story HERE.





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