Do we need less Big Brother in our life, or more?

Some people in Bridgeton have begun a petition calling for a  statewide requirement for surveillance cameras in local parks.

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Bridgeton City Park is reportedly where little Dulce Marie Alavez was playing when she went missing in September of 2019. The petition sites the disappearance of Alavez as a reason to get the cameras in parks. The petition seeks to have the law called "The Dulce Bill":

We as people of New Jersey require safety for our children while playing at local parks.  We feel park camera's [sic] are a safety measure that should be taking [sic] serious. As New Jersey residents we feel our children are not safe in our parks and recreation areas. Dulce Alavez went missing with out a trace on September 16,2019 there were no camera's [sic] in the area to catch her kidnapper. This is a problem across New Jersey and this should be a number one priority in each City in New Jersey. We are Petitioning that all parks and recreational areas have cameras installed in different locations in the parks of where kids play. Dulce's Bill  is needed so this will not happen to another child.

The petition was mentioned on Facebook over the weekend in a series of comments responding to this post from the Bridgeton Police Department that said the following:

"We're asking anyone who has a friend or loved one who would have been in the Bridgeton Park today; a Hispanic adult male wearing a gray shirt, blue sweatpants and black Nike sneakers to contact the Bridgeton PD if you have not heard from them. Please call 856-451-0033 if you know this person."

Among the comments:

"Wow..Its a large park. Maybe they should have CAMERAS...Please sign the petition for park Cameras."


"Such a large area needs to monitored. They should have already been in place as a deterrent for any crime."


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