I have been known to have a mildly obsessive personality. I have been known to spend an entire day watching the same movie over and over again. My current record is watching one movie 5 or 6 times in one day. This is something I am very proud of. After seeing The Avengers in theaters back in 2012, I was on a Jeremy Renner kick. I was sick a few days later and spent the day watching Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol around 5 or 6 times in one day.

This is not that uncommon for me. A few weeks a go I spent the day watching Avengers: Infinity War about 3 times in one day. Some people may think that watching one movie that many times in one day is a bit excessive. I think I should replace "some people" with most people. I wish I could say that these are isolated incidents, but this is pretty much par for the course for me.

This habit gets brought into my nighttime routine as well. Ever since I have had a TV in my room I developed this habit of watching a movie ad nauseam. Well, for me it's not, I enjoy watching them over and over. I am not a person who needs to fall asleep with the TV on, but I quite frequently do. I will spend weeks on end watching the same movie every night as I fall asleep.

When I was in high school I would watch A Cinderella Story, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, 10 Things I Hate About You, or Breakfast at Tiffany's almost every night. Sometimes I would spice it up and watch the commentaries for A Cinderella Story or The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Yes, I am a nerd.

Recently, I have been falling asleep to Avengers: Infinity War every single night. Again, yes, I am a nerd. They say if you are trying to study something, listen to a recording of it while you sleep. Well, with the amount of times I have fallen asleep to these movies I could preform a one woman show of all of them.

Since last night, I have watched The Avengers twice. Which, I saw 5 times in the theaters back in 2012. Nope, I'm not obsessed at all.

Is this weird? Can you watch a movie too many times?

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