We are continuing this Will it Popsicle? series I've been doing with different canned meats. Yes, I know that sounds extremely gross. It was. I grabbed a few different canned meats and a popsicle form to make up these unusual popsicles. Honestly, unusual is probably too nice of a word to describe these. I used Spam, canned chicken, Vienna sausages, and corned beef hash to make these canned meat popsicles.

The worst thing about this video series that I am doing is that I filmed it all in two days. I made the popsicles on day one and then on day two I ate them all. My stomach was not very happy with me already when I got to the canned meats. By the time I filmed tasting the canned meat ice pops I had already filmed the canned fish and the Chef Boyardee videos. The ice pops were also the only thing I had to eat up to that point that day.

I have learned a valuable lesson after this series, which is still not over I have at least one more video up my sleeve, I should really leave ice pop making to the professionals. I shouldn't try to be creative and make my own.

Watch as I torture myself with gross popsicles. You won't learn anything or want to try it yourself, but it is entertaining:

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