Do you remember the Wonka commercials from the early 2000's? The slogan at the end of the Nerds commercial was, "What will they think of next?" I feel like that Wonka commercial. This whole video series started with a Facebook video that was pointed out to me of a guy making ice pops with Spaghetti-Ohs. I went to the store and my imagination went wild. I have done all different types of canned pastas, canned fish, and canned meats. Here we are with the 4th video and I may have found a winner.

There are so many different flavors of ramen out there. I grabbed four different types: chicken, creamy chicken, chili, and sriracha. I cooked the four and let them cool down before putting them into the popsicle molds. I will say out of all the different ice pops I've made so far these were the least awful.

I think the key to the ramen pops was that none of them had an especially strong flavor. All of the other ice pops had extremely strong flavors. Canned fish don't exactly have mild flavors. Instant ramen on the other hand are pretty mild.

Watch the 4th video of my popsicle series here:

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