I regret my life decisions recently. I have a habit of torturing myself in the name of YouTube. My most recent en devour includes making popsicles with things that should not be made into popsicles. I made popsicles out of Chef Boyardee, now I took on canned fish. Yes, they were as gross as it sounds.

I got tuna, clams, salmon, and sardines. As I was editing this video, a few weeks after I filmed it, I was cringing. I felt like I was reliving the moment all over again and could taste the frozen sardines once again. What makes this even worse, is I filmed a few more similar videos that I will have to relive once again.

Can you make popsicles out of various canned fish? Technically yes. Should you? Absolutely not. I learned a very valuable lesson, a lesson most people wouldn't have to test to realize it's a bad idea. I am filled with bad ideas and I enjoy testing all of them.

See the cringe worthy moments here:

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