The life of a superstar like Carrie Underwood might seem glamorous; however, that is not necessarily the case for Underwood.

"We’re just really normal people and I’m so thankful that we are," Underwood tells People about her family; husband Mike Fisher and sons Jacob, 13 months and Isaiah, who is 5 years old.

Underwood says the person she is on stage is a stark contrast to who she is when she is at home.

"I feel like if I were the person that I am on stage when I’m at home, I just don’t know if that person would like have too many friends," she reflects. "I enjoy getting to play that role, but you can’t be that big of a personality all the time. Well I guess you can, but it’s gotta be exhausting."

Underwood gets woken up in the same way that many other parents are: by her children. However, that has not stopped the "Cry Pretty" singer and her husband from trying to get some quiet time in the morning.

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"My husband and I are trying this thing where we get up earlier so we can have a little quiet time before the kids wake up. Then we have breakfast together, and it’s all about the mad dash out the door."

There's another daily regimen Underwood has that parents everywhere can relate to.

"I do a lot of laundry. Isaiah just thinks my job is doing laundry," she says. "How one little person has so much laundry I don’t know."

The multi-platinum-selling singer makes sure to get in a 45-90 minute workout every day. Underwood, whose passion for health drives her new book Find Your Path and her new fit52 app, considers working out pampering herself.

Underwood and Fisher end their day by putting the kids to bed by 8PM and catching up on some of their favorite shows. "Mike and I sit on the couch and catch up and watch The Bachelor or The Walking Dead," she shares.

"That’s my balance, work hard and then veg."

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