Obviously, it's fine to poke fun at what's happening in society right now..... as long as you take it seriously.

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Making light of a situation is completely harmless, therapeutic even, that is if you truly understand the severity of the situation and what measures should be done to prevent anything from escalating any further.

While of course there will still be jokes made in an attempt to lighten the impact of COVID-19, it's also important to emphasize the steps that should be done to prevent the spread of the virus any further.

A new survey by Harris has proved that over 70% of people are now concerned or in a heightened state of awareness regarding the statistics of the spread of the coronavirus.

How has the coronavirus changed people's habits?

How the coronavirus has changed people's habits:

  • 54% handwash more often
  • 44% avoid crowds
  • 41% are using hand-sanitizer more often
  • 34% are wearing masks more often
  • 32% stay home more often
  • 31% avoid travel

The best way to prevent the virus from spreading is by adhering to the CDC's word of caution and best practices.

Source: Forbes.com

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