Oops...He did it again! Well, not exactly..

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood took the stage in Nashville last night to host the 52nd CMA Awards and, just like before, Brad spilled the beans! Actually, to be fair, he "accidentally" forced Carrie to spill her own baby tea.


Brad made Carrie dish her baby's gender to the arena and the world. TBH, the country-verse couldn't be more excited for the soon-to-be-mama of two! For one, she looks great. Seriously, she's pregnancy goals. For two, we were dying to know whether Isaiah was going to have a little brother or a little sister, so for Carrie to be such a great sport about the entire ordeal just shows how down-to-earth she is, even with all those hormones raging.

So, let's recap --

1. Brad Paisley - we love you. Thank you for making Carrie spill the tea.

2. Carrie - Congratulations on your second baby boy! We can't wait to see him.

3. No names have yet been suggested.

4. In case it slipped your line of vision, Brad and Carrie are basically Prom King and Queen.

5. Carrie can do no wrong. FR though...

With multiple wardrobe changes, all the sequence, an epic performance, and another CMA win under her belt all while making a human, she's basically the equivalent of a country music superwoman.

Can someone call Gal Gadot's people? Because I'd LOVE to see that movie.

Congrats, Carrie!


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