Have you ever noticed something odd on your travels through a particular area?

Something that you notice - and you wonder if others notice?

If that something is a falling-down-old-house on Route 47 in the Dennisville area - the one with the chair perilously sitting on top of a crumbling way - YES - other people have noticed!

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On Facebook there are pages dedicated to people, places, and things - but, now there is a page dedicated to an old house with a chair on top of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you CHAIR WATCH - The Facebook page!

This is a riot!

The Facebook page is in fact dedicated to the house with the chair on it on Route 47 in Dennisville.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I just love the page description:

"If you know, you know…Long live the Dennisville Chair!!! One day it will come down but until then we all must drive by and look at the chair in all its mesmerizing glory. Why is it still there? How long can it last? Will it blow off before the entire house falls down? Is it nailed to the floor? Things we all want to know and don’t want to know at the same time because it will ruin the fun. Watch the chair with us…one of us, one of us, one of us….lol jk. Seriously though now long is this thing gonna stay up there?"

Already thousands have joined the page, many eager to share their story of the chair and the house!

Apparently, many use the Chair House as a marker as they head down toward the shore.

K.D. writes: "It is about going past that house on the way to the shore hundreds of times and wondering how, on God's green earth, is that chair hanging on. This group is a collection of all those who had the same thought. Love it!"

K.M. writes, "I’ve been watching for a couple years as the floor slowly rots and the chair gets closer to the edge."

From K.L., "Text from my Mom today: We saw the Chair!!"

Thanks to this new Facebook page you can be rest assured that if the chair does ever fall, the day and time will be recorded for history.

One fan. V.E. even penned an Ode to the Chair:

"Oh chair
So debonair
Perched in your lair
3 stories in the air
How did you get there
You glare
Without a care
At passers by who stare
Mysteries solved with the climb of a stair
But beware
Of their disrepair
One step at a time if you dare
To uncover and declare
Secrets that you and your attic friends share"
So, have you noticed the chair house? How long have you been watching it? Please share your story with us! Send an email to: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.  We'd love to see any photos you have of the Chair House, too!


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