The very first rule that I learned in my very first broadcasting class in college was to never speak openly in front of a microphone.  Ever.  Doesn't matter whether you are on the air or not, don't talk about anything that you wouldn't want the world to hear.  Charles Barkley evidently didn't know that.  He knows now...Barkley, who is an NBA commentator on TNT, thought his microphone was turned off and said, "I thought this was the greatest scam going - getting paid to watch sports.  This Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam."  The You Tube clip has been taken down after a copyright claim by the NBA.


Weight Watchers is standing behind their guy though, their statement says, "We love Charles for the same reason everyone loves Charles - he's unfiltered."  Barkley's people released a statement as well, "I meant what I said.  The fact that I'm dropping pounds, getting healthier and getting paid at the same time is my definition of a great scam.  The only problem is I'm going to have to use some of the money to buy a new wardrobe."


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