Well, it's about that time, wouldn't you say? Time to send the kids out to hit the pavement (metaphorically speaking, these days) to find a summer job.

Would you let them work at an amusement park? One South Jersey theme park that almost closed down forever is back and better than ever!

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The beloved Clementon Park opened back up for business once again in the summer of 2021. Families headed to the park last summer and enjoyed a re-vamped experience as the new owners spruced up the place before opening the doors again. People LOVED it. So did the employees, believe it or not. What's not to love? Getting paid $20 an hour to work at a theme park isn't too bad of a bad deal, is it?

If you're in search of a fabulous summer job, it sounds like you could be in luck with this one. Clementon Park and Splash World recently launched their own job page on their website and announced that they're currently hiring for the summer 2022 season.

Besides what seems to be pretty decent pay, you can look forward to some additional perks for becoming a part of the Clementon Park team, too. For one, you get free admission to the park on the days you aren't working, plus you'll earn free passes to give to your friends and loved ones, as well. Pretty great, right? Finally, the website says they'll do their best to work with your availability.

You can check out all the positions Clementon Park currently has available for summer 2022 HERE.

Sources: ClementonPark.com, Facebook

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