99% of locals and visitors alike know what a special place we have in Ocean City, New Jersey.

The city and the beaches are unique - and a great place to be especially in summer!

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Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash
Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash

Some very weird Yelp reviews about the Ocean City, New Jersey Beaches

We say 99%, because some people... are, well, some people.

We headed to Yelp to see what kind of reviews the great beaches of Ocean City receive.

Most of the reviews are wonderful, but some of them are... weird.

Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash
Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash

Actual things people said on Yelp about Ocean City

Let's take a look at some of the reviewers' comments - along with some of my feedback:)

Luba P. from Philadelphia listed some cons about the Ocean City beaches, including:

*"extremely packed." (We keep telling people to stay away, but they won't! - JK)

*"sticky sand." (Maybe the beach staff wasn't able to clean and purify the sand on the day of your visit - sorry! - JK)

*"kids everywhere." (We keep telling the kids to stay inside and play on their phones, but they just won't listen! -JK)

The complaint from Tracy H. from Bethlehem, PA centered around the smoking - or lack of it:

"I love it here but some of their rules need to go.. Specifically the smoking rules. Cant smoke at all on the boardwalk. Thats bogus. A year or two ago they had smoking zones away from the main foot traffic and stores. That worked well.. Cant even use a vapor pen. People do smoke. Some smokers are polite and move away from non smokers. The boardwalk is outdoors. We should be accommodated too. Cant smoke on the beach either I hear."  (Man! That is bogus! If you can smoke in a casino, you should be able to smoke on the beach! - JK)

Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash
Photo by Jill Marv on Unsplash

J.E. from Warminster, PA had this complaint:

"I will never understand how every year we get down here for memorial weekend and nothing is ready. So I can't even sit on the balcony and enjoy the day because Stanley steamer carpet cleaner is busy at work on Friday of memorial day because the past two months wasn't sufficient time. We go to play miniature golf and they're still painting and hammering and nailing. This is every year. I don't understand..." (Um, if it happens every year during the same week, maybe you should try a different week. What do they say about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?-JK)

Here are comments from Bill M. of Philadelphia:

"Enjoy fighting for parking on the streets. And make sure you park perfectly if you don't want to receive a $65 ticket a month after your visit." (Apparently, in Philadelphia, parking haphazardly is a regularly scheduled sport! How dare we ask visitors to park perfectly! - JK)

Our next Yelp comment is from Satya M. of Oaks,PA:

"The water was very cold. We had checked that the water on Jersey shore will be hottest around 8th of August (22-24 degree celsius) but the water was cold. The water was also not clean and it was muddy. There was lot of crowd." (We are so very sorry - our ocean water heater was in the shop for service the week you were here. We'll do better next time. Plus, we'll chase people away so it isn't too crowded for you. - JK)

Thanks Yelp people! Thanks for the entertainment!

Ocean City, we love you!

SOURCE: Yelp.com

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