Wondering what happened to that missing Amazon package that was supposed to have been delivered to your house?

We may have found it.

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It might be under a delivery contractor's bed, in his closet, in his basement, or in his garage. Or, somewhere else. Honestly, we have no idea where that package could be.

According to NJ.com, Logan Township Police have charged Akeem M. Johnson, 38, of Bridgeton with stealing 8,824 Amazon packages with a total value of $274,483. NJ.com says Johnson "was employed by third-party contractor Globus Express and was responsible for taking pallets of packages from an Amazon warehouse in Logan Township in Gloucester County, and delivering them to U.S. Postal Service facilities."

That's a lot of packages!

According to NJ.com, "Johnson admitted to Amazon loss prevention officials in May that he committed the thefts beginning in November of last year." He also admitted to using someone else's access card to get into the warehouse.

Officials have not said if any of the missing packages have been recovered.

Johnson faces charges of second-degree theft and fourth-degree forgery for misuse of the access card.

According to Amazon.com, the company works with 3rd party contractors world-wide to help deliver their packages.They actively recruit new partners: "If you love building and leading teams, start your own business as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, delivering smiles to customers across your community. Apply today or sign up to learn more." More information on become a contractor working with Amazon can be found here.

SOURCES: NJ.com and logistics.amazon.com.

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