December 28th is National Download Day!

According to a survey by Fort Mason Games, today is the busiest day for app downloads because December 28th is the day when most Americans can actually relax after the hustle and bustle from the holidays and finally tinker with their new gizmos and gadgets they got for Christmas.

The Download Day survey says:


  • 1

    73% Of Americans Will Download Apps

    Today, almost 3/4 of the US population will download an app to one or more devices.

    Fort Mason Games states, "More than 250M Americans will download apps today.   Because 87% of smartphone owners say they will download at least 3 apps, a minimum of 750M new app downloads are projected."

  • 2

    Games Are The Most Popular

    Survey says  67% of Americans will download gaming apps today.

  • 3

    Casino Games Are on the Rise

    Casino gaming apps are on the rise. 1 out of 3 adults will be playing them as they can be played with friends simultaneously.

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