Even if your town's passed multiple federal water tests with flying colors, you might still want to check out those results yourself.

This is especially true for Gloucester Township. Patch.com reports that more than one hazardous chemical has been found in the water of the township that link to cancer, nervous system issues, and sometimes even brain damage. Two of the most recognizable contaminants discovered in the water are radium and chloroform.

Obviously, anything we ingest is going to contain something that isn't the healthiest for us. However, there's only supposed to be the smallest detection of the harmful chemical that it shouldn't pose a threat to the human body. That's the problem, though.

According to these new results, the amounts detected in the water have far surpassed the legal limit of safety. The problem's even deeper than that. The standards we aim for don't hold up anymore, meaning what was once deemed safe has proven not to be the case in the most recent research.

Also, the non-profit organization that analyzed the data collected from the local water source, Environmental Working Group, has reminded the public that just because something is deemed safe to ingest doesn't necessarily mean that's the case. The government is apparently not adjusting the regulations, so Environmental Working Group is trying to amend that.

If you're interested in reading more on the state of the township's and South Jersey's water sources, click HERE.

Source: Patch.com

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