It's that time of year when daylight starts getting shorter and shorter. That doesn't mean that our schedules ease up any, though.

Daylight and schedules, what does they have to do with each other? Nothing much, except for the fact that the holiday season is basically here. That means things are about to get even busier which means even more time spent on the roads. We're all about to spend even more time driving at night, so take this warning seriously, South Jersey: watch out for the deer this time of year.

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Deer can be a roadway nuisance any time of the year really, but this time of year is especially rough here in South Jersey. It's rut season, or mating season, from now through the early days of January. That means you can expect deer, particularly the bucks, to be more active now than they are during the rest of the year -- in more ways than one.

Even the Department of Environmental Protection has been known to alert Jersey residents about deer behavior demonstrated this time of year. The DEP typically warns people about erratic movements and behavior that can be seen as a result of deer on the prowl, just trying to do their thing. Obviously, this instinct sometimes can result in them running wildly into the middle of the road. If you happen to be the one traveling on said road at that time, it could have disastrous results if you're not careful.

South Jersey motorists are encouraged to use extreme caution during the early morning hours and at dusk as that's when deer are typically active. Find out even more about what to expect during rut season HERE.

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