They say the best things in life are free, this may or may not be the case for the website and app Wish. If you don't know what Wish is, it is a site where you can buy pretty much anything at super low prices. Wish is pretty hit or miss if the item looks like the photo or not, or if you get it in at all. YouTube is filled with videos of Wish hauls and reviews and it is mildly addicting.

I went on the Wish app to see what things I could get for "free." Finding "free" items on Wish can be quite the production. More times than not when you click on an item that is marked "free," only one color or one size is actually free. In some cases the item that was "free" was sold out. Why do I keep putting free in quotes? You still have to pay for shipping so it's not entirely free.

My Wish haul was mixed with hits and misses. I was pleasantly surprised with most of the items. All of the items came in and looked pretty much like the photo. What did I get?

Watch my Wish haul here:

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