They say you learn something new everyday. Yesterday, I stumbled upon something that I found extremely fascinating. I went about the office showing everyone my discovery. To my delight, they all found it fascinating as well.

I was minding my own business yesterday, cleaning our board with a paperclip and a push pin. Don't ask... Anyway, I had dropped the paperclip on my phone and for some reason picked up my phone without taking the paperclip off. I am very happy I didn't take it off, otherwise, I would have never made this earth-shattering discovery. The paperclip stuck to the lower right corner of my phone!

Of course, with all scientific discoveries, you must test it out on multiple subjects. I went around the office putting paperclips on iPhones. Just as it did on mine, the paperclips stuck to the lower right corner of all of the phones. I did fail at the scientific method by not testing out other phones other than iPhones.

However, the same thing happened with a Mac laptop. (I clearly don't own a Mac because I'm pretty sure they don't call it that.) The paperclip stuck to the top of the screen on both sides. I was officially amazed!

I know, AMAZING right?!?!?! I know you will be testing this out all day. You're welcome, procrastinators.

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