Here we go again...part two of the disappointing rocket launch. I wonder how many times I'll go before I give up.

Quick backstory time. NASA is supposed to launch a rocket from Wallop's Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. This rocket will release canisters that will release vapors that make artificial clouds. The clouds will be red, green and blue and will allow scientists to measure particle movement in space. Pretty cool huh? This is the first time NASA is using canisters to release the vapors.

Well, this is week 3 and they still have yet to launch the rocket. Many different factors have come into play, such as wind, boats, and clouds.

This week, instead of prepping for launch, counting down, and holding at 3 before they scrub the launch, they cancelled the launch either days or hours before launch time. I tend to like this better.

They have rescheduled the launch, with a few prospective days.

We shall see what happens.

See my attempts at watching the rocket here:

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