Nope, this is not a joke. This is a very serious question. I've noticed iPhone owning people sometimes look down on people who don't have an iPhone. On the flip side, people who own Androids look at iPhone people like they are wasting money and think they are better than other people.

I recently saw a screenshot of a text conversation posted to Facebook. The conversation was between a guy and a girl who had recently met.

The conversation went like this:

Girl: "Hey it's Jennifer from the other night"

Guy: "Hey"

Guy: "Oh wow a green text. I don't date poor people. Sorry. I'd send you an emoji byt you probably wouldn't see it. Take care."

What is this green text referring to?

If you use an iPhone and text another iPhone the texts you send appear in a blue bubble to signify the text was sent as an iMessage. If an iPhone texts an Android the texts the iPhone sends appear in a green bubble on the iPhone signifying it was sent as an SMS.

While this conversation may seem absolutely absurd, this is a reality for some people.

Multiple people I showed the screenshot of laughed and said they had done something similar.

Uhm, let that sink in.

Do you look at people differently depending on the phone they use?

Let us know:

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