You can't help but feel badly for the poor girl. No doubt, she's used to the ruthless chatter that is the celebrity rumor mill by now, but it seems like Taylor Swift can't catch a break lately.

First, it was like she couldn't watch her boyfriend play football without everybody hating her for it. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a crazy Swiftie or anything, but I'll defend a woman's right to support her man any day. That's what a healthy partnership consists of, right? Mutual love, support, and respect?

How dare she show up to the Kansas City Chiefs' games to cheer on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce 😒

That was sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell.

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Now, we have people bashing her for everything she did wrong in her own lane.

I'm referring to her appearance at the 66th Grammy Awards that went down on Sunday, February 4th live from Los Angeles. So many people are hating on Taylor Swift for all the things she did "wrong" that night. The biggest problem people have is the fact that she "didn't acknowledge" Celine Dion. First of all, there's no proof the two pop divas didn't have a private moment backstage. So, everybody just calm down, would ya?

Let the girl live!

That night got me thinking about whether or not New Jersey feels the same way as the people trolling Taylor Swift on social media. Like I said previously, I could take or leave her music. That's just me. It's catchy and all, but I'm not obsessed or anything. Still, I think she's probably a sweet lady that just wants to live her life without all the judgement.

Does New Jersey hate Taylor Swift?

After doing some trolling of my own on social media, I've come to the conclusion that the answer is "no." On the contrary, as a matter of fact. Just like I'd hoped, most of the women that I follow on social media have spoken out in favor of Swift and the fact that she deserves to live and enjoy her success just like anyone else would want to in her position.

Screenshot via JM for TSM
Screenshot via JM for TSM

That's just one person from NJ rooting for Taylor even before she won the record-breaking "Album of the Year" Grammy.

Screenshot via JM for TSM
Screenshot via JM for TSM

Here's another person from New Jersey standing up for Taylor Swift's right to be exactly what she is: a HUMAN BEING.

Screenshot via JM for TSM
Screenshot via JM for TSM

And, there you have it. New Jersey LOVES Taylor Swift. We respect a hard-working woman with self-worth who gives back to people and helps others along the way.

Don't mess with Taylor Swift while you're in New Jersey, people. This state is FULL of Swifties.

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