There are plenty of reasons to feel anxious on the roadways after a storm. Brush debris everywhere, potential detours, and down powerlines are only a few.

Here in South Jersey, we've experienced all of them in the last week or so. We had not one, but two really bad rainy days. You can't necessarily call what we saw here in the southeastern region of the state a "storm" since we didn't experience any thunder and lightening from either one. What did us in, however, was the high wind.

Wind gusts reached over 65 miles per hour in certain parts of South Jersey. Based on what we've seen this week, it's safe to say people won't be underestimating Mother Nature anymore when it comes to rain. Just because you don't hear thunder or see the sky light up doesn't mean we aren't in for a doozy.

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People from all over Atlantic and Cape May Counties saw fences snapped, experienced power outages, and even witnessed a tree or two crack.

Having a tree fall in your yard is one thing (if it didn't hit anything on the way down, that is), but when a tree falls in the road, it makes for an entire mess.

Atlantic County residents are feeling a little apprehensive as they drive down one particular road in Egg Harbor Township right now. As you're traveling down Ocean Heights Avenue, you're encouraged to remain alert and aware of your surroundings. There's one tree in particular that looks like it's on its last leg, er.. root.

A local resident took a photo of a tree that's ready to snap any minute. That could result in some bad news for anyone driving past when it finally does.

The good news that the township will, no doubt, soon be sending crews out to cut down any trees that present possible dangers for commuters. We shouldn't have to worry about it for long.

To check out the photo, click HERE. Be safe out there!

Source: Facebook

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