Well, it's only a few days before Christmas and some Atlantic County residents are frustrated that their leaves are STILL up against the curb.

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Listen folks, we've all been there. You put in all this hard work to suck up the leaves and get your yard ready for the holiday season. Unfortunately, people in Egg Harbor Township and some surrounding areas are STILL waiting for the township to come collect them. Who knows if they'll even get to your house in time for Christmas.

People are so frustrated with it that they've even taken to Facebook to voice their disapproval. While it's super annoying to still have leaves blowing everywhere because they're just sitting in the street, let's get real for a second. Egg Harbor Township is HUGE. The township is so big that they began leaf collection weeks ago.

I know it's frustrating to hear about certain neighbors in other parts of the township who have gotten theirs taken care of by now, but try to remember that the employees are doing everything they can do to get to everyone before too long.

Egg Harbor Township has over 67 square miles of land, so that's a lot of residences to cover. Sure, it's annoying to hear that certain people have already had their leaves collected twice already, but in the spirit of the holiday season, try to show some patience. Don't forget, there are plenty of landscaping companies you can call who will come collect your leaves if you don't want to wait for the township to get them.

Patience is a virtue! The leaf collectors are coming, EHT!

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