South Jersey has recently experienced a snowfall like it hasn't seen in a few years now. Some sections of the region even saw upwards of over a foot of snow. Those are some wild numbers for an area of the state that rarely sees any accumulation, let alone snow almost a foot deep.

With that being said, some people have expressed their discontent with the way certain South Jersey townships have been handling various items such as trash and leaf collection lately. Specifically, folks in Egg Harbor Township have expressed, more than once, their frustrations with the latter.

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Unfortunately for certain residents, they still have yet to get any leaves from this year collected off of their blocks. This is supposed to fall under the coverage of the township, however while certain sections have had leaves collected more than once this year, other parts of EHT haven't even seen one truck.

Now, people are sharing their thoughts via Facebook about the mess that's going to be left once all the snow melts. For people with leaves out front that were never picked up, that'll probably mean quite the mess. What can residents do?

In a Facebook group specifically geared toward happenings in Egg Harbor Township, more than a few residents are recommending that people who haven't yet had the township come suck up the leaves (and snow, for that matter) to call them up and let somebody know. Again, snow removal and leaf pick-up aren't supposed to be a luxury. Those services are paid for from your taxes.

When talking about snow plowing specifically, though, remember to be patient. They're doing the best they can with the staff and equipment they have. Egg Harbor Township is HUGE. So, don't be surprised if you live on a dead-end street and are waiting for a few days for the plows to get to you.

Become a part of the EHT conversation via the EHT Facebook group HERE.

Source: Facebook

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