We've spotted another unique, triangle-shaped house! This one's in a wooded area of Egg Harbor Township.

Last week I told you about a tiny, triangle house in Wildwood known to the locals as "Pizza House."

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That home, by the way, has been around since 1960 but is in danger of being destroyed (since the lot it's on is about to be redeveloped) unless someone agrees to haul it away to preserve it.

With "Pizza House" fresh on my mind, I slowed way down as I was driving along Sycamore Ave. in EHT over the weekend when I spotted this tiny triangular house. I thought, "AH! Another pizza house!"

TSM South Jersey; (inset) Google Maps
TSM South Jersey; (inset) Google Maps

This one isn't red though, lol. But, it's still super interesting. I just wonder what it looks like inside! It seems like such a cozy way to live, especially among the trees, like this one is.

My friend, Ari, who just opened The Sweet Spot ice cream bar in Northfield, reminded me that THAT building is also shaped like a triangle, but in more of a true Alpine way.

Sweet Spot Ice Cream Bar/Facebook
Sweet Spot Ice Cream Bar/Facebook

I bet there are more 'pizza' houses in South Jersey than I ever stopped to notice. Do you live near one? Let me know!

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