For at least some of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us wore masks to - hopefully - protect against the further spread of the disease.

Today, some people still wear masks for their own protection.

One side effect of wearing the mask is that it also hides your identity - at least partially.

The thing is for the mask to work for either of the two ways, you have to wear your mask, up above your mouth and nose.

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Egg Harbor Township Police are looking to identify a man "in reference to an ongoing investigation."

The man has made the task of identifying him a little easier because even though he was wearing a mask, it was not pulled up all the way as he was caught on surveillance camera.

Now, I don't have any experience of wrongdoings (as far as you know), but if I am doing something wrong, I might try to hide my identity. Wearing a mask up over both my mouth and nose might accomplish that. Letting the mask hang under my mouth would not be an effective way of doing that.

Anyway, if you can help the police with identifying this man, you're urged to contact the Egg Harbor Township Detective Bureau at (609) 926-4051. You can also send an email to

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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