If you're a fan of live country music - in a great atmosphere - you know have a place to go every Sunday, right in the heart of Atlantic City!

Bourre in Atlantic City has transformed their outside property to a massive music venue which will host the "Atlantic City Country Fest" each and every week!

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Bourre is a great Cajun BBQ Restaurant that has helped spark the rebirth of Atlantic City in the area now known as "The Orange Loop."  The Orange Loop is three big blocks just off the Atlantic City Boardwalk where you'll find exciting restaurants, bars, live music, coffee, yoga, and more!

The area gets its name from the orange properties in the Monopoly game. The excitement is at New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, and St. James Place.

Bourre is on New York Avenue, and now features "a huge outdoor space showcasing a large BBQ smoker, outdoor games and a 40ft shipping container bar!"

Bourre will play host to live country bands each and every Sunday afternoon, in addition to a special country event or two this summer.

Kicking off the Country Sundays this Sunday will be the band Stonewood.

You can find out more about upcoming events at Bourre on their Facebook page.

As for me, I'll be out their this Sunday - looking for you! The party starts at 4 - and be ready to eat, because they've got great BBQ!

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