The hoagie. An elongated sandwich featuring any number of tastes and textures of luncheon meat(s), cheese(s), and topping(s), on any number of style(s) of bread. A true culinary staple in South Jersey.

Of course, depending on where exactly you are in South Jersey, you call those sandwiches a "sub" -- but that's an entirely different subject for an entirely different day.

For the purposes of this writing, we're going with "hoagie" even though most of the shore area is "sub" territory (for the record, I'm team "sub").

Anyway, back in October, I posted a list of 21 places to get the best hoagie in South Jersey (included below) -- and needless to say, the opinions that I heard were nothing short of voluminous and passionate.

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Those 21 places were recommendations (originally, like, 50 or 60) from members of the Hoagie Gurus Facebook group, which is somewhere around 20,000 people strong. Those people take hoagies seriously. I mean, it's insane.

So, with the first 21 established -- and many more places to recognize -- I decided to do round two and I put together another list of where you can get a solid hoagie in our area.

And as I said the first time, you know what your favorite kind of hoagie is. I'm not about to tell you what to get at these places. The purpose of this list is for you to seek out some great local delis and restaurants and try what they have to offer. All of these places have very good reviews online and you won't be disappointed in stopping by and checking out their menus.

18 More Places to Get the Best Hoagie (or Sub) in South Jersey (Besides Wawa)

21 of the Best Places to Get a Hoagie (or Sub) in South Jersey (Besides Wawa)

From one side of South Jersey to the other, these are some of the best places to grab a hoagie... enjoy!

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