Watch all the movies, eat all the candy, and bake all the treats to get yourself in the Halloween spirit.

While you're at it, why not read a few spooky novels to celebrate? That is, if you're a reader...

These five books will scare you so much, you won't even need to watch anymore Halloween movies.


  • 1


    by Stephen King

    Stephen King's thriller about Pennywise the killer clown will creep you out with more than just cheap thrills. There's so much symbolism within It's pages and oh so many metaphors. What hits you the hardest are the hidden meanings behind the traumas each member of the Loser's club faces.

  • 2

    The Raven

    by Edgar Allen Poe

    It's not a novel, it's a poem. Probably, Poe's most famous work. What makes it creepy is the main character's slow decent into madness.

    Buy 'The Raven' here!

  • 3

    Hell House

    by Richard Matheson
  • 4

    The Woman In Black

    by Susan Hill

    Now a movie starring Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, the book surrounds a little town that is disturbed by the terrifying events that take place in a house on the edge of town, including the appearances of a ghostly woman dressed in all black (obviously).

    For those of you interested in psychological thrillers, The Woman In Black is the book for you this Halloween season.

  • 5

    See What I Have Done

    by Sarah Schmidt

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