It always cracks me up to hear people describe Jersey as a ‘Concrete Jungle’. My response? “Clearly, you’ve never been to South Jersey”.

TSM - Jahna Michal
TSM - Jahna Michal

South Jersey is it’s own breed of wonderful. From the different landscapes to it’s convenient location, South Jersey is unlike anywhere else in the country.

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    The Location

    First and foremost, you can’t beat the 20-40 min drive to Philly, the 2 hour drive to both DC and NYC, and the close proximity to all things summertime: The Best Beaches in the country… which brings me to the second reason to LOVE South Jersey..

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    “Where’s The Beach?!”

    To answer Snooki’s most famous question: Right in every South Jersey resident’s backyard! The most beautiful beaches in the country (no, for real… #2 this year according to are less than an hour drive for SJ residents. On top of the most beautiful beach sunsets to ever witness, South Jersey is also home to the best boardwalk experiences. Where else can you walk 3+ miles of the boards, take in the beautiful beach landscape, get the BEST food, and ride on more rides than Disney World? Answer: The South Jersey beach boardwalks!

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    The Forestry

    South Jersey really is the best of both worlds. We have the beach, yes, but we also have the Pine Barrens. Who didn’t love all the creepy tales you heard when you were little about the Pine Barrens? I don’t know about you, but I was OBSESSED with the Jersey Devil who is rumored to dwell in the depths of the barrens. For anyone not familiar, the Pine Barrens refers to the 1.1 million acreage of pines that starts in Ocean County and stretches all the way down through the bottom of South Jersey. There’s hiking trails aplenty in there that are definitely worth the trek.

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    Big, Open Spaces

    As I previously mentioned, one of the immediate misconceptions people seem to have of NJ before even visiting is the population and landscape. Most people think of NJ as a ‘Concrete Jungle’, but those of us from South Jersey know better. Head down towards Salem and Cumberland counties and you could mistake your location for somewhere in North Carolina. There’s acres upon acres of preserved farmland. Take a drive down towards Cowtown in the heart of summer and get ready to fall in love with the sight of endless blue skies and horses grazing in the field, among other farm animals.

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    The Best Diners Around

    It might sound stereotypical, but this one is pretty accurate. No matter where you go in South Jersey, there’s sure to be a diner within a 10 minute radius. I don’t care what anyone says - diner food is THE BEST comfort food you could ever crave. It doesn’t even matter what in particular you’re craving, the diner’s got it. No competition.

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