How much do you know about the Atlantic County city of Linwood?

Here's some information you might not have known about the city.

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1. Linwood was originally designated a borough in 1889 from parts of Egg Harbor Township. It was born thanks to a referendum vote that same year. IN 1931 it became a city.

2. Prior to 1889, the area was known as Leedsville, but changed it's name in 1880 when a post office was established. The US Postal Service insisted on the name change because the name was used elsewhere in the state.

3. The name Linwood was chosen from other proposed names including Brinola, Geneva, Pearville and Viola.

4. There are only 3 traffic lights entirely in the city! According to Wikipedia, these are at "Central and Oak, Central and New Road, and Poplar and New Road." There is also a traffic light at the Linwood/Somers Point border: Ocean Heights and New Road.

5. Linwood is home to a pet cemetery that was started in 1918. The Clara Glen Pet Cemetery is the resting place to scores of animals - including some well known ones.


SOURCE: Wikipedia

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