If you blink while you're driving down Shore Road in Linwood, you'll miss it.

It's a real-life per cemetery - where thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets are buried.

There's a small blue sign on the west side of the road, noting the Clara Glen Pet Cemetery.

We pulled onto Heather Court, and parked on the street. Since it appears that the cemetery is in someone's backyard, we knocked on the door to ask for permission.

"Oh you don't need my permission", said the resident. "The property actually belongs to the Linwood historical Society and begins at the little cement cut-out, and goes back into the yard."

The cemetery goes back a few hundred feet from the house - and is at least a couple hundred feet wide. Certainly room in Linwood to build at least a couple houses with nice size yards. Well.... other than the fact that there are thousands of animals buried there.

A walk though the pet cemetery reveals many, many, headstones of all shapes and sizes, and many graves barely marked at all.

According to information I found, the cemetery was founded in 1918 by Clara and Glen White as a place to bury their numerous animals. It appears from our observations that most of the animals were buried in the first part of the 20th century.

There have been no burials in the last 20 or 30 years - with an exception. K-9 Police Dogs from Atlantic City are still being buried on the premises.

There's no charge to walk though the cemetery, and it appaears the easiest access is from Heather Court, just off Shore Road.

Here are some photos taken during my recent visit.


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