Every time I scroll through Facebook I find myself entranced by food videos. I can't look away. It is like they have me hypnotized.


I follow a few food related pages that post videos of people making a variety of foods.

My first question is, how much is there budget?

Seriously! I've never seen anything more beautifully shot. I love when they time lapse the baking process of cakes and cookies and you watch as they rise or spread in the pan. It's just so mesmerizing.

I watched one video recently where they time lapsed a cookie cooling after it was taken out of the oven. I didn't realize there was a physical change with a cooling cookie, but there is and it is entrancing.

The video could be 20 minutes long and my eyes would be glued to the screen the whole time.

I always save the video because you know, you never know when you are going to make an unbaked apple pie with a secret ingredient of mustard. No, that is not a real video I saw. I am exaggerating for effect.

How many of these recipes have I actually made?

Maybe one or two and that's being generous. Never the less, I save them thinking one day I am just going to go on a baking spree.

I also want to know who made the decision that marble was the only acceptable tabletop and background. I take that back, not the only, they also use rustic wood.

Bunch of fresh coriander on a wooden table

I found myself following this trend and covered my desk and two shelves at home with a marble print contact paper. They've brainwashed me!

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