And you thought prices at the grocery store for bacon and eggs were expensive.....

A former Egg Harbor Township family claims they are being sued by Egg Harbor Township's government for $112,00 for raising pigs and chickens on their property - even though they've since sold their property, took their pigs and chickens and left the township.

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Dave Ferrier and family were living on four acres of property in EHT with their animals when the township came a knocking. They said the Ferrier family was violating zoning laws, and they'd have to get rid of the animals or face fines and/or jail time.

At the time, Ferrier, a Marine Corps veteran, told us that his four pigs and the chickens were family pets.

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash
Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

The township said nope, they are livestock.

Here's a recap from Fox 29 of where things stood earlier this year:

At first, Ferrier and his family appeared to be digging in, and holding their position. Eventually, though, they decided to sell their property, and leave Egg Harbor Township for more animal-friendly pastures.

So the story ends there?

Not quite.

Ferrier reached out to us to say the Township is still after him for  - get this - $112,000 in fines.

"The $112,000 is apparently a fine of $1000 per day for every day from when our extensions ran out as of April 21 until we moved June 16, times two different violations - one for pigs one for chickens.

So 56 days we were allegedly in violation times $1,000 per day times two violations equals $112,000."

Oh my!

Photo by Henrique S. Ruzzon on Unsplash
Photo by Henrique S. Ruzzon on Unsplash

The case is being heard in court and it's currently in front of a judge.

Does Ferrier feel his was forced out of EHT?

"We were absolutely forced out of EHT.  Our “choices” were to get rid of the animals or pay thousands of dollars to apply for a variance which they could have denied anyway for any reason or to move. We chose to uproot our entire family and all animals. We lived in EHT barely more than one year. "

Ferrier says the family still has the pigs and chickens - and they've added more as their now on a bigger property.

Ferrier has had to hire a lawyer and the legal fees are adding up. He's started a GoFundMe page - and you can learn more about the family's plight here.

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