With the price of eggs lately (along with everything else) many of us have pondered the idea of getting chickens to raise, and developing our own personal supply chains.

That sounds like a swell idea - except, not in Egg Harbor Township.

A local resident of EHT, Dave Ferrier could be fined or even headed to jail thanks to his chickens and pigs.

Dave and his family live on Mill Road in Egg Harbor Township. They have just over four acres of property - but, according to the powers that be in EHT, that's not enough to have chickens. And four pigs - that constitutes a piggery - and EHT officials say they've got to go.

A piggery - what the heck is a piggery?

According to Merriam-Webster, a piggery is a place where pigs are kept.  Ah....

A zoning violation notice from the Township's zoning official, Sarah Schaffer, says Ferrier is in violation of zoning laws. Pigs aren't allowed in EHT and chickens can only be on properties bigger than five acres. The Ferriers live on four.

So what happens now? Ferrier says he's on his last 30 day extension. According to the Township, fines and or jail time could be handed out if their zoning notices aren't followed.

Ferrier, who's a Marine Corps Veteran, says the four pigs and the chickens are family pets. They aren't pigs designated for slaughter or anything of the sort. Ferrier and his family rescued the pigs and they want to keep them. The chickens too.

What happens next is anyone's guess. Will the Township follow through and actually remove the animals? Will Ferrier be formally charged with violations?

Again, these are pets - not livestock.

If anyone has a way to help Ferrier, his family, and his pets, I'm sure they'd appreciate the input.

Here's a story recently done by Fox 29:

These little piggies (and chickens) don't want to head to market, they just want to stay and play at home!

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